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For over 50 years plastic production all over the world has been speeding up twice faster.

It takes years for plastic waste to decompose underground. We dispose on average 5 kg of plastic waste per second, 300 kg per minute, and 19,000 kg per hour. In the end, we are facing the biggest problem from the waste that we created ourselves.

If no actions were taken, National Geographic reveals there will be approximately 12 billion tons of plastics in landfill. We dedicate ourselves to bring solution to this problem with plastic recycling bottles. It is an efficient way to reduce the amount of plastic waste and to produce new profitable goods for everyday needs.

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We facilitate helpful benefits through a variety of products to encourage people making small changes for the environment every day.
All of our products are easy and customizable.

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Langgeng Jaya Group commit to investing the latest technology and create best products. This has been running for over 13 years and we promise to do so even in the future.

Recycling plastic bottles refers to the process of recovering waste or plastic scrap and reprocessing materials into functional and useful products. The purpose of plastic recycling is to reduce high levels of plastic pollution.

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