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The raw materials of our products came from plastic waste that have recycled through the process of sorting and washing
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Langgeng Jaya Group

Langgeng Jaya Group established since 2006, we are a manufacturer of recycled plastic in Indonesia. We produce high quality recycled plastic products such as plastic flakes, plastic granules, Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF), rPET Strapping Bands, Spunbonds, rPET Woven Bags, FIBC Bag, Padding, High Density Padding, Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD), Eco-friendly shopping bag. Supported by two factories located in Jakarta and Gresik, we are able to produce 1,500 Ton / Month for Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF), 120 Ton / Month Strapping Band, 100 Ton / Month Padding and HDP, 500 Ton / Month Spunbond. Supported by an experienced and professional team, we are ready to provide high quality products and provide the best service for our customers.



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Vision Mission

Become a leading plastic recycled company who provide similar quality as virgin resin

We provide eco-green products, recycled materials as virgin quality, deliver customizable products as clients require, develop new product innovations.

Our Services

Plastic Recycling

This is our service to the community and the environment. By buying our products, you help to conserve the environment.

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Do you have a question? immediately contact us, our team will help answer the question about our products.

honest and trustworthy

Our team is professional and capable of serving local and overseas markets.


We are a company that helps the process of recycling plastic so as to promote environmentally friendly. We recycle plastic from plastic waste that we collect from plastic trash collectors, sort and wash it before becomes plastic granules. The best quality of our recycled plastic granules is used by our clients to manufacture their finished products.


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Our products that we produce : Polyester Fiber, Spunbond, PET Strapping band, Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD), Microfiber, Dacron, Padding, High Density Padding, PP Granules, PET Flakes, LDPE Granules, HDPE Granules, Geotextile, Needle Punch, Woven Bag, Jumbo Bag, FIBC Bag, Box Bag