A Bold Global Movement on Single-Use Plastic Bags

07 January 2021

A Bold Global Movement on Single-Use Plastic Bags

The usage of single-use plastic bags has so many benefits on a daily basis. Besides being able to help people doing their activities, it also could create many jobs in the world. In 2017, 989.000 people working in plastic industries which makes the plastic industry the 8 biggest industry in the USA. This amount of number hasn’t included other countries' numbers, including Indonesia (source: Plastic Waste and Recycling | ScienceDirect).

Even could creating jobs and helping people in daily life, in fact for some people single-use plastic bag has a bad image. Especially for those who have a big concern with the ecosystem, environment, human life, and animal welfare in the world. There are also so many campaigns come up about the negative effects of single-use plastic bags, plastic bag diet movement, and plastic bag bans movement nowadays.

A bold global movement by countries around the world concerning single-use plastic bags just started running. Some countries already got impacted by single-use plastic waste, some also speculated single-use plastic bags would bring a bad effect for their city in the future are the backgrounds of this movement. Here are some of the countries where plastic bans have been introduced;

  1. Africa, (Government strictly bans single-use plastic bags across all Africa),
  2. Bangladesh, (Bans on single-use plastic bans since 2002, because it caused huge floods and submerged two-thirds of the country in the water in 1988-1998.)
  3. Ireland, (Extra tax applied for using single-use plastic bags, and successfully reducing the amount of single-use plastic bag usage for almost 90%)
  4. Denmark, (Denmark’s government gives extra tax policy for retailers who provides single-use a plastic bag, as a result, Denmark could save 66% of single-use plastic bags and paper bags usage.
  5. Belgium, (Since 2007, extra tax policy for single-use plastic bags enforced across Belgium and the result, percentage of plastic bag usage constantly decrease every year).
  6. China, (China’s State Council assigning nationwide bans on single-use plastic bags and strictly encourage their citizen to use a recycled bags or reusable bags in January 2008.)
  7. Australia, (In 2008, some Australia States decided not to use single-use plastic bags and since then, at least 400 billion single-use plastic bags have been successfully saved every year. In 2019, Australia officially suggests retailers in the country start using recycled bags as a replacement.)
  8. Italy, (Started to bans plastic bags which isn’t made from biodegradable sources in 2011)
  9. Haiti, (Government has been banned single-use plastic bags since October 1st, 2012, but this prohibition is not effective and single-use plastic bags still became a big issue in Haiti until now.
  10. The United States of America, (banned single-use plastic bags and firm up 10-cent as extra tax for plastic bag users in July 2014),
  11. Scotland, (Government officially set tax policy for offline and online retailers that provide single-use of plastic bags in their stores. And successfully reducing more than 80% usage of single-use plastic bags in Scotland),
  12. England, (On October 5th, 2015 England officially bringing out a regulation about charging an extra fee for retailers who has more than 250+ employees. Recent studies reported this regulation could reduce numbers of single-use plastic bags by 85%, and increasing recycled bags usage.)
  13. France, (July 1st, 2016, France’s government officially announced they’re banning single-use plastic bags)
  14. Germany, (Officially declared recycling tax on all stores that provide single-use plastic bags, and charging 22-cent for customers who asked for single-use plastic bags).

If we take further concern, almost all countries that started to ban single-use plastic bags suggest their citizen use recycled bags or reusable bags. It’s all because the recycled bags & reusable bags are considered more environmentally friendly, and able to reduce single-use plastic waste. Reflecting on this phenomenon as a background, Yuurbag comes up to Indonesia. Because of our concern for the environment, we aimed to reduce the usage of single-use plastic bags in Indonesia. Come and Join Us to Save the Environment from plastic bags, for a Better and Healthier Indonesia!