Complicacy of Living without Plastic

01 January 2021

Complicacy of Living without Plastic

Businesses and governments around the world started to take action for reducing plastic use in the beginning of 2018. For the first step, they announced to banned the usage of plastic straw, usage of microbeads (in cosmetics), and giving an extra cost for using single use of plastic bag. Besides reducing plastic waste in the world, this strategies would improving people’s quality life.

Plastic and human have a strong connection on daily activities, until the chance to not using it at all almost none. It would be hard or even impossible for us to not to use plastic in every occasion such as, household, work, business or even social life. Reducing plastic consumption or replacing plastic as main material for production and manufactures would be hard, because it could affect the quality of the products.

One of the example of product that can’t be replaced its main material is shoes. Why is it like that? Because the main material that we used today for producing shoe is a synthetic material. If we take back the time, the shoes rubber originally were made from leather, rope, or wood. In other words, its material were made from natural material. Let’s imagine if we changed the 22 million pair of shoes materials that could be produced every year with natural materials, can you imagine what’ll happened?

Then, what step and strategies should we take for keeping quality of the production and saving the environment at the same time? Recycle is the right answer. Why? With doing recycle, company can keeping their quality control by using plastic as the original material without ruining the ecosystem, conversely we could contribute reducing plastic waste in the world. The basic or main material could be obtained by recycling plastic waste around your areas such as river, mountain, or ocean. This strategy already applied by Yuurbag. Yuurbag is a brand that is focusing on recycling plastic waste (bottle) to be a new product which well-known as shopping bag. Besides environmentally friendly, Yuurbag also committed to keeping up to date with current needs of millennials by providing various unique and up to date shopping bag design. You could also customize your own design for your shopping bag based on your wishes and needs! Now what are you waiting for? Go get Yuurbag Now, Save the Environment and be Trendy!