Countries with the Biggest Plastic Waste Producer

05 January 2021

Countries with the Biggest Plastic Waste Producer

Did you know? As much as 4% to 12% million tons of plastic waste entered the ocean every year. Less than 20% of leakage comes from ocean based sources such as fishing activities or fishing vessels. The rest 80% are garbage originated from land. According to a research, plastic waste that founded in the ocean mostly originally from Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Philippines, which each of them contributes plastic waste more than 60%.

This is mainly caused due to the rapid economy growth of each countries, and they are failed to organize the waste both because of bad management and they don’t have supported infrastructures. Whereas plastic demand for consumption keep increasing as it goes with the economics and populations growth.

According to National Geographic Indonesia, plastic waste management system in Indonesia classified as the worst since process of recycle system haven’t distributed well. A total of 11.83% plastic waste successfully recycled, and the rest 88.17% ended up in landfill or leaks and scattered in mainland (source: National Geographic). Based on Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) Indonesia, the amount of plastic bag waste in Indonesia can touch 85.000 tons per year and this number would be increasing every year in line with economic growth and population growth (source: Menenggelamkan Pembuang Sampah Plastik di Laut | So, can you imagine what will happened if it continually goes every year?

Responding to the issue, Yuurbag comes to help reducing plastic waste especially for single use plastic bags, and plastic bottles in Indonesia. By using Yuurbag, you are involved to recycling 6 used plastic bottles, and participating at reducing the use of single use plastic bag.