Do the recycled plastic bottles also comes from in the ocean?

03 July 2021

Do the recycled plastic bottles also comes from in the ocean?

We frequently received some questions about our product compositions and their materials such as “do we recycling plastic bottles that come from the ocean too?” Or “you do recycle, but do you also recycling plastic bottles from the coast and ocean?”

The answer is YES. We have been working together for several years with local plastic bottles waste collectors both traditional and modern to collecting plastic bottle waste all around Indonesia. They are collecting plastic bottles both from land (including river, lake, and ditch) and ocean. In other words, they are collecting plastic bottles everywhere wherever plastic was as much as they can.

After being collected, those plastic bottles are getting sorted based on their qualities. Don’t worry because we won’t throw them back to the dust bin if they are not qualified enough to recycle. We will be recycling them too, but of course, they will be qualified for another type of class. The best qualified plastic bottles which we usually classify as PET will be straight going to our production and get processed to be our best products such as Eco-friendly bags ( YUURBAG), strapping bands, padding, planter bag, laundry bag, and many more. For your information, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) founds to have the lowest environmental impact, and fewer carbon emissions compared to other materials.

For the lower quality plastic bottles, they will be processed to be other supporting products for supporting business and industries such as plastic flakes, polyester staple fiber, FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), and more. In line with our company motto “Endless Possibilities with Recycling”, we will keep learning, growing, and creating innovation in order to develop new useful, sustainable, and eco-friendly products in the future.