PP (Polypropylene) / PET Polyethylene Terephthalate

FIBC, Jumbo Bag, Plastic Bag, Planter Bag

The first solution in the world for industrial logistics activities begins with food, chemicals, building materials, agriculture, etc. This product has characteristics that are stronger and thinner to provide more capacity and also as ventilation to keep the product fresh.
Capacity production is 1,440 tons per year.

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PP (Polypropylene): FIBC, Jumbo Bag, Plastic Bag, Planter Bag
FIBC: Jumbo Bag
FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) or Jumbo bag is an industrial container made of polyester, commonly used for packaging above 500 kgm and can be made according to customer specifications, starting from regular jumbo bags, baffle bags, sling belts, etc.



Cheaper & alternative than steel strapping, No sharp edges, prevent injury, Water & UV resistance, Recyclable


The strapping band, pallets, woven bags, chairs, etc.

Jumbo Bag
Plastic Bag
Plastic Bags/Sacks are ideally suited for applications where strong and cost-efficient packaging.


Standard Size
Width (cm) x Height (cm) Weight (kg)
56 cm x 90 cm 50 kg (rice)
60 cm x 100 cm 50 kg (corn)
65 cm x 105 cm ± 70 kg (grain)
75 cm x 115 cm 100 kg (grain)
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The woven bag is printable using UV Flatbed Print, flexo gravure technology, and also rotogravure technology by using PE or BO-PET lamination trademark of the product to be easily recognized in the market.


Rice, Sugar, Soya, Corn, and other food grains, petrochemical and mineral product

Planter Bag
Planter Bag
A planter bag is a container made of a type of plastic sheeting with long durability and has a handle that makes it easier to lift for moving plants. Planter Bag Made from Woven High-Density Polyethylene available in many designs and sizes.


⌀ Diameter (cm) x Height (cm) Volume (ltr)
⌀ 35 cm x 40 cm 38 ltr
⌀ 40 cm x 40 cm 50 ltr
⌀ 45 cm x 45 cm 75 ltr
⌀ 50 cm x 50 cm 100 ltr
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Garden, nursery, horticulture, and forestry.

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