Recycled Plastic Granules Manufacturer

PP (Polypropylene) / PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

Why Plastic Recycling?

Based on World Economic Forum 2018, For over 50 years plastic production all over the world has been speeding up twice faster. It takes years for plastic waste to decompose underground. We dispose on average 5 kg of plastic waste per second, 300 kg per minute, and 19,000 kg per hour. In the end, we are facing the biggest problem from the waste that we created ourselves.

If no actions were taken, National Geographic reveals there will be approximately 12 billion tons of plastics in landfills. We dedicate ourselves to bring a solution to this problem with plastic recycling bottles. It is an efficient way to reduce the amount of plastic waste and to produce new profitable goods for everyday needs.

High Quality by Recycled Plastic Granules Manufacturer as an Altenative to Virgin Plastic
Accretion carefully from collectors and managing various types of plastic waste to be processed using the latest technology is one of the keys to preserving the best quality of recycled plastic granules. As a recycled plastic granules manufacturer, we continuously do research on the latest facilities and technological development to deliver the better achievment in quality.
Quality Control
Quality Control
We are supported by a dedicated and professional team with private lab facilities to ensure that the products are assembled by SOPs.
Customize Mesh Filter Size
Customize Mesh Filter Size
Providing custom density plastic filter size services with various density levels.
Automatic Filter Control
Automatic Filter Control
Having automation filter technology using laser filter techniques to maintain the level of purity of plastic granules to remain stable and consistent.
Export Specialist Manufacturer
Export Specialist; Plastic Granules Manufacturer
With years of experience in handling export markets, as recycling plastic granules manufacturing business, we established product quality with international standards.
Mendaur Ulang Profesional
Recycling with Professionals
We are registered with GRS and OBP as an international certification for professional recycled plastic granules manufacturer

Recycled PP Material Suppliers (rPP)

Our plastic pellets / granules / resin adopt the latest filter technology that is not commonly used in Indonesia. The filter has the self-cleaning capability to restrain contamination that will keep the quality intact. This plastic granule has a capacity production of up to 7,200 tons per year.

Pelleting / Resin / Granules / Plastic PP (Polypropylene)

PP is type of plastic which often used for materials every day needed. Its strong, durable, and safe to use for food packaging makes its products easy to produce. Having the capability to recycle PP plastics is an effective way to contribute to the environment.

Over 10+ of PP Granules Colour

Providing Recycled PP Granules with various color spectrums for production needs with high capacity.


Recycled PP Granules Price

We follow the plastic market trend to provide the latest PP granules prices. We are committed to provide with fair, transparent, and updated PP granules prices. Call our hotline to find out the latest PP recycled granules prices.

Recycled PP Granules Technical Specification

Product (Color) MFI Density Filter Application
PP White
16 - 28 0.885 – 0.920 60, 80, 100 Injection
PP Red
16 - 28 0.885 – 0.920 60 Injection
PP Blue
16 - 28 0.885 – 0.920 60 Injection
PP Green
16 - 28 0.885 – 0.920 60 Injection
PP Natural/Clear (1)
Natural/Clear (1)
16 - 28 2 - 7 60 Extrusion
PP Natural/Clear (2)
Natural/Clear (2)
16 - 28 0.885 – 0.920 60 Injection
PP Black
7 - 16 0.885 – 0.920 60 Injection
PP Light Green
Light Green
3 - 8 0.885 – 0.920 60, 100 Extrusion
PP Milky Green
Milky Green
3 - 1 0.885 – 0.920 60, 100 Extrusion

Filter Mesh
  • 60


  • 120



Flower pots, wall clocks, household appliances, plastic spoons, baskets plastic, strapping band, chairs, plastic pallets, sack bags


Post-customer Packaging

rPET Material Suppliers

Langgeng Jaya Plastindo is the forefront company in Indonesia, well known to be able to recycling PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic bottles material with capacity of 12,000 tons per year by optimizing the use of our automatic sorting filter which has high accuracy. We are PET recycling / rPET manufacturer provide rPET flakes domestically and internationally.

Plastic PET Flakes / Regrind (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate)
PET is one of the most frequently used types of plastic as a food and beverage storage container. It keeps food airtight and resistant to moisture and chemical substances. We focus mainly on PET material as this is the only material that can go through the recycling process several time.

Recycled PET Flakes/ Regrind Price

We follow the plastic market trend to provide the latest rPET Flakes prices. We are committed to provide with fair, transparent, and updated rPET Flakes prices.
Call our hotline to find out the latest recycled PET flakes prices.

Recycled PET Flakes / Regrind Technical Specification

Product (Grade) Color Moisture PVC Content Other Impurities Flakes Size


Grade A PET Clear Grade A PET Light Blue
Available Clear and Light Blue
0,8% ≤ 100 ppm ≤ 200 ppm ≤ 12 mm


Grade AA PET Clear Grade AA PET Light Blue
Available Clear and Light Blue
0,8% ≤ 50 ppm ≤ 100 ppm ≤ 12 mm


Grade AAA PET Clear Grade AAA PET Light Blue
Available Clear and Light Blue
0,8% ≤ 30 ppm ≤ 50 ppm ≤ 12 mm

Processing Method

Hot Wash


Filament, Tape Yarn, Strapping band, bottle, Polyester Staple Fiber, PET Sheet, rPET Flakes


Post-customer Packaging


Jumbo Bag / FIBC

Loading Container

20 ton/40" Kontainer


1,000 tons per month

For any others specific request, please contact our company