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Eco friendly Bag: Shopping Bag

Our Shopping Bag (Eco-Friendly Bag) is a new invention from recycled plastic bottles as a substitute for single-use plastic bags and can be made on-demand in terms of size, color, printing type, and so on. Our shopping bags are easy to clean, can be used repeatedly and can be loaded up to 25 kg. Our capacity reaches 1,200 tons per year.

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Shopping Bag
Shopping Bag
Reusable shopping bags are a sustainable, practical, and convenient alternative to single-use plastic bags. While some supermarkets and stores charge you for plastic bags that you will use once and then throw away, reusable bags are a one-time investment that you can keep at hand and use over and over again. The reason why stores have started charging money for plastic bags is that they want to discourage their use due to the negative effects that plastic waste have on the environment.



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